Monday, February 8, 2010

Feliz Ano Novo

I think the women in my family missed the 'you are suppose to wear white' notice. Besides the fact that people wear all white and the fireworks. Everything is pretty much the same. The fireworks are set off by people in their own backwards because they dont have a big firework show like we do in the States. There is still the big gathering of friends and family with the barbeque, the drinking of champaign at new year. Don't worry non-alcoholic for those not allowed or too young to drink it. It was super fun! Great Food!

Feliz Natal

Christmas is more low key in a way. With my family, we travled to my host dad's parents house and stayed for 3 days with his family. Mostly hanging out and spending time with family. Instead of getting a gift for everyone they played "Secret Santa". I didn't see as much worrying about getting gifts for everyone with anyone in town. You got a gift for those who were closest to you and may b not eve a gift but a card. It seemed more like the way we should be in the US. It had a more feel of what Christmas should be than the departmant stores favorite time of the year.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Parabéns pela Formatura!

Nov. 27

I went to Flavia's Formatura. Which is like a graduation prom type deal. Except thier is a little well a lot different. Starting at 8pm there is a dinner for family and close friends and they toast and have a big congrats to the graduates and stuff. That goes until around 11pm. At around 11 most of the adults leave and they have the dancing and partying, That doesn't end until like 3 or 4 in the morning. And if you are graduating and you don't pay that fee for being able to attend the dinner and prom then you don't go unless some one gives you one of their ten tickets. Apperently it is really expensive.

let's go out tonight Nov.21

Went to a concert! It was a lot of fun I got so tired though I was litterally falling over by the end of the morning. Yes morning! It was like 4 am before it ended and then another 30 min drive home. I was exhausted. If anyone knows me they know I can't stnd country. But here i have to make the distinction between me not liking American country and Brasilian country, they are o different and I like country music here in Brasil. And that is a good thing because that is all people in Dourados listen to.

Pantanal and Bonito Nov. 2 to Nov. 8

We did so much in one week it was crazy evryday we did something. Most days we had to get up pretty early. We were in Pantanal Nov. 2nd to the afternoon of Nov. 4th. We went fishing, horseback riding, on a safari, and hiking. There were so many alligators it was insane. They walk so weird. It was so gorgeous though. We hung out in the hammocks whenever we could. There were an insane amount of awesome people o the trip. We shared traditional dances from each country and had fun learning bad words in other languages.

Bonito was incredible my favorite part of the trip. They say that Bonito is even better then the Amazon they just don't have as much publicity and such. We in Bonito from the night of the fourth til the morning of the eighth. We went to the waterfall park, rafting, snorkeling, and to the caves. We went out to dinner every night and I tried Jacara alligator. It was actually really good. While we were at the caves we ran into another rotary group and there was a guy from WV in the group and we are both going to WVU next year. After getting back to te hotel one day after dinner I was going through my stuff because I was going to take a shower and i lifted up my towel and a taranchula was in my stuff. It was so scary, I screamed and my roommates saw why and we all ran screaming out of the room. One of the shaporones came and got it but i am sure we woke the etire hotel.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Times at the Farm

All I have to say is...... "I LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE A MOTORCYLE" okay more like a mo-ped but still.

...and saw a beautiful sunset.

At the farm you cant help get your feet dirty but this is just ridiculous.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family, Friends, and the farm

riding the horse

Not to much has happened, mostly just hanging out with my host family, going out to dinner and going to the mall a lot. It is odd because you dont go to the mall to shop ever you go to hang out. I have been to the mall every weekend and I have not bought one thing there because you buy things down town. I have only been in a couple of stores at the mall but I dont think I would buy anything there unless I was shopping for my grandmother or a five year old. But there is an arcade at the mall which is AWESOME!!!

Flavio, my host father has a brother who has the coolest house. It is really new age and all white and going from the front door to the living area you walk on glass over water it is the coolest. I was disapionted that there weren`t fish it that water. But he did have three peacocks one male and two female. The male was really beautiful.

The farm was so much fun this weekend we got to ride horses finally. One of the sadals was being repaired so we couldn`t ride for a while. But we did and I loved it, it brought back so many memories. I had a blast. The horses they have are so funny because one is really old, nice but doesn`t really want to give anyone a ride anymore. The other one is young but so lazy. She is fine once you get on her and stuff but she just would rather be by herself in the feild.

It is a big thing here to drink this type of tea when you hang out with your friends. It tastes like green tea with a mint after taste. You sit around with your friends and just chat and pass this drink around (only one). It is drunk from a metal straw type thing that prevents the leaves from getting into your mouth. The drink is just refilled with cold water when the liquid is gone.